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Children's Day in Korea


For children in South Korea, May 5th holds the same excitement that birthdays or Christmas bring to children in other parts of the world. An official holiday, Children's Day in South Korea is the holiday when parents shower their children with gifts and fun. A newer and modern holiday in Korea's long history, Children's Day (orunee nal) was started by juvenile author Chung-Hwan Pang. In a culture where parents, elders, and advanced age command respect, Pang advised all to also show love and respect to children since they represented the nation's future. Like most Korean holidays, Children's Day is celebrated with food and family gatherings. Luckily for children in South Korea, May 5th also includes gifts (including money) and fun family outings to enjoy entertainment or amusements. In North Korea, June 1st is the official Children's Day following the date of other Communist nations.

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