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A typical Korean breakfast is not that much different than the other meals of the day, except maybe a bit on the lighter side (or with less banchan/side dishes). So rice, a small bowl of soup or stew, and any number of side dishes (banchan) would also make up the first meal of the day.

Although traditionally there is no separate category of “breakfast food” like there is in America, it's now pretty common for Korean people to eat Western foods like cereal, bread, or pastries for breakfast.

These photos are examples of meals that might be enjoyed in a Korean household for breakfast.

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Full Korean BreakfastTraditional Full Korean BreakfastKorean Breakfast with Eggs and WatermelonKorean Breakfast with Fruit, Bread, and EggsKorean Breakfast with Tofu and OmeletteKorean Breakfast with Eggs and TofuKorean Breakfast Photo - Egg Toast Sandwich
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