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Traditional and Classic Korean Recipes


A typical Korean meal consists of a bowl of rice, a bowl of soup or stew, and some side dishes as accompaniment. But within that basic structure, there is deliciously wide variation for every season and palate. Koreans use a huge range of vegetables from wild greens to the leaves of flowers, everything from the sea including seaweed and jellyfish, and all types of meat and poultry in diverse preparations. Koreans may have hundreds of ways to pickle vegetables and wild greens for long storage, but they also prize raw fish and raw meat dishes.
  1. Classic Korean Dishes
  2. Kimchi Recipes

Classic Korean Dishes

There are so many traditional Korean dishes, and these are some of the classic plates you will find in Korean kitchens all over the world. Some represent humble fare and others will be seen most often at family gatherings and events, but all are beloved by Koreans everywhere.

Kimchi Recipes

Kimchi is one of most distinctive parts of Korean cuisine, and the pickled and fermented vegetables are eaten at almost every meal. There are hundreds of different kinds of kimchi that are both spicy and mild and different regions in Korean have their own popular kimchi specialties.

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