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It's Chicken for Dinner: Five Flavorful Korean Chicken Dishes


Whether it's grilled, roasted, braised or fried, the chicken in these Korean dishes is never bland or dry. Try one of these flavorful chicken dishes that show off the meat's versatility.

1. Roasted Chicken Wings (Tong Dak)

Naomi Imatome

Korean oven-roasted chicken wings are good for almost any occasion. They are good as an appetizer or a main dish, as a drinking snack (anju), as a casual meal or part of a picnic, and as part of a large celebratory dinner. Easy to marinate and make in large batches, they are perfect for kids' parties or family-style gatherings. Tongdak chicken wings are juicy, spicy, and sweet, and it's impossible to just eat one. We never seem to have any leftovers when we make these chicken wings.

Although Korean fried chicken is on-trend these days, I prefer these baked chicken wings at home. They are delicious, healthy and almost mess-free.

2. Spicy Braised Chicken and Potatoes (Taktoritang)

This Korean chicken stew is simple and easy to make with very little hands-on time. Simmering makes the chicken incredibly tender and the sauce has a spicy kick. This isn't a dish you'd normally order in a restaurant, but it is Korean home cooking at its best. Serve it over white rice with an extra scoop of sauce for an easy and comforting meal.

3. Braised Chicken with Shiitake Mushrooms

I love Korean braised chicken because you know you'll always get a flavorful meal. This dish braises in the oven, and the shiitake mushrooms give it a lovely, deep flavor. There is no spice in this dish, and even the chef that spices with the lightest hand will manage to produce a robust meal. If you're an inexperienced cook and want to try something with straightforward ingredients that's impossible to mess up, then this dish is for you.

4. Korean Ginger Chicken

It only takes five ingredients to make this flavor-soaked ginger chicken, which tastes fantastic whether made on the grill or stir-fried in a pan. Ginger is one of the superfoods of Korean traditional medicine (and even now in Western alternative medicine), so you can make this easy dish to boost your immune system in times of stress or sickness.

5. Korean Sweet Soy Chicken Recipe

This soy honey chicken recipe is simple to make and can be done in one pan on the stovetop. It's also great on the grill, on skewers, or as the protein in a meal salad.

With just five everyday ingredients, you can make this chicken and use it for Korean chicken tacos, Asian chicken salads, chicken paninis and even chicken pastas.

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