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Reviews and Recommendations for Korean Cuisine

Reviews and recommendations for Korean cookbooks, kitchen tools, restaurants, and recipes.

The Best Korean Food Resources Online
The Internet has made the world a much smaller place, and it can be a great thing when you're trying to learn a new recipe, order a hard-to-find Korean ingredient, or just want to know the best restaurants in Seoul.

Korean Ginger Recipes That Will Knock Your Socks Off
Ginger is one of the essential Korean ingredients, and it's used to spice up everything from soup to cocktails. It's also an important part of traditional Korean medicine, and is used in natural cold remedies and as an all-around health booster.

A List of Marvelous Modern Korean Dishes and Drinks
Korea has a wealth of traditional foods and recipes, but it's also a goldmine of modern dishes. Some of the "new" dishes are modernized takes on traditional dishes, others are fusion cuisine, and this list even includes some old favorites livened up with some global ingredients.

Korean Home Remedies
Food and medicine have also always been closely linked in Korean culture. The ability to boost one's "wellbeing" is one of the most popular marketing claims for food products in Korea today. These Korean home remedies for colds, hangovers, and low energy have been used for hundreds of years.

Korean-Infused BBQ Menu
This is not a traditional Korean menu, but it's a festive balance of Korean, Asian, and Western flavors. The easy thing about this menu is that almost everything can be made the day before.

Meet Cathlyn Choi, Korean Chef and Cooking Show Host
The host of one of the most interesting Korean cooking food shows out there, Cathlyn Choi is the host of Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen on PBS. I like her Cooking Challenges, where she has non-Korean chefs taste traditional Korean dishes and try to recreate them by themselves. There are many good how-to food videos out there, but Cathlyn's show is a...

6 Easy Korean Lunch Recipes to Make at Home
Our 6 great recipes for the best easy Korean lunches to make at home. From old-school eats to newer dishes like spam musubi, there is dish for everyone on this list.

Korean Home Remedies
Food and medicine have also always been closely linked in Korean culture. The ability to boost one's "wellbeing" is one of the most popular marketing claims for food products in Korea today. These Korean home remedies for colds, hangovers, and low energy have been used for hundreds of years.

Korean Home Remedies
Food and medicine have also always been closely linked in Korean culture. The ability to boost one's "wellbeing" is one of the most popular marketing claims for food products in Korea today. These Korean home remedies for colds, hangovers, and low energy have been used for hundreds of years.

Simply Delicious Korean Tofu (Dubu) Recipes
Tofu (or Dubu, Tubu, Dooboo in Korean) is made by curdling soymilk. It's similar in process to the way cheese is made from cow or goat's milk. The coagulated soymilk is pressed into blocks known as soymilk. Dubu is high in protein and calcium and is low in fat and carbohydrates. It is also delicious and easy to prepare in a number of ways as it...

Korean Food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur is a food-lover's paradise, and this is especially true for Asian food. Because of its geographic location, busy international airport and diverse Asian population, you can find a huge variety of cuisine options in the city. You can find Korean eateries in most mall food courts, and there is a “Little Korea” in the Ampang area of...

Korean Vegetarian Menu
There are so many Korean dishes that are vegetarian or easy to convert to a meatless option. If you are eating in a restaurant, however, do request that they don't use beef or pork as a base for seasoning or any soup broths.

Korean Restaurants and Food in Paris, France
A list of Korean restaurants and grocery stores in Paris, France.

A List of Korean Savory Pancakes
Jun (or jeon, chon) are pancake-like Korean dishes. They can be made from almost anything- meat, seafood, vegetables, and kimchi, and they are either coated with an egg, flour, or combination batter before they are pan-fried. There are even sweet dessert or snack versions of jun.

Korean Food and Restaurants in London
Korean Restaurants and Korean Food in London

Korean-ish Food, or Dishes that Have Made It in Korea
Koreans have adopted many non-traditional Korean dishes into their kitchens - these are some adopted popular dishes but that are part of the Korean national cuisine.

Delicious Korean Salad Recipes
A list of delicious Korean salad recipes- both modern and traditional.

It's Chicken for Dinner: Five Flavorful Korean Chicken Dishes
Whether it's grilled, roasted, braised or fried, the chicken in these Korean dishes is never bland or dry. Try one of these flavorful chicken dishes that show off the meat's versatility.

A Korean Winter Menu Plan
This Korean winter meal plan has a lot of elements, but you don't have to make them all. Buy or make all the kimchi that you want to add and swap out sides as you wish, but do try to keep the oyster rice and the spicy spare ribs on the menu. Just those two dishes will make this a comforting Korean meal to remember.

Korean No-Fail Fish Dishes
Korea is a peninsula so fish and seafood are an important part of the national diet. These simple fish recipes are delicious, healthy and easy to make.

Korean Drama Recommendation: Dae Jang Geum (Jewel in the Palace)
Recommendation of Korean Drama Dae Jang Geum, also called Jewel in the Palace.

A Classic Korean Birthday Meal
A classic, traditional Korean birthday meal.

How can we spread the delicious goodness of Korean food around the world?
How to promote Korean food around the world

Korean Picnic Food
Portable food for Korean lunchboxes or picnics.

Five Delicious Korean Noodle Dishes
Noodles are a staple in Korean cuisine. They are served in stews and soups, in stir fries, and in cold salad dishes. On a Korean menu, the dishes will say "myeon" or "myun" or "gooksu" if they are noodle dishes.

How to Send Gifts and Flowers to Korea
You can order gifts directly from Korean websites (written in English), pay online, and have your present delivered that day to the recipient in Korea. Some of the websites offer free shipping in many Korean cities, guarantee same day or next day delivery, and have a variety of flowers, cakes, fruit baskets, and other gift items perfect for almost everyone.

Six Essential Korean Stews
In Korean cooking and eating, soup or stew is served at almost every meal. Sometimes stews play a starring role at the table, but usually they are a communal dish shared by everyone at the table like banchan. There are also some Korean restaurants and meals that offer stews (chigae, jjigae) after the main dish, like seafood restaurants with raw...

Korean Home Remedy for Coughs and Sore Throat
Asian pears with honey are a simple and effective home remedy for coughs and sore throat. My Korean grandmother used to do this for us when we were little, and it's something that I now do for my own kids. Unlike many over-the-counter cough medicines, it actually helps to heal the symptoms (not just suppress them).

Interview with Sunny Ricks, Food Stylist
Question and Answer with Sunny Ricks, a food stylist based in Boston.

Top 3 Ways to Eat Low Carb Korean Meals
It's difficult to go without a bowl of rice or noodles while enjoying the strong spicy, salty, or sour flavors in Korean food. Here are the top 3 ways to eat a low carb Korean meals so that you don’t feel like you’re missing a thing.

Easy Korean Dinner Party Menu
To throw a stress-free dinner party serving Korean food, it's important to choose a few dishes that can be made in advance and are still delicious when warmed up. This easy Korean dinner party menu includes rice, broiled salmon, noodles, braised short ribs, kimchi and spinach side dishes, bean sprout soup, and barley tea.

Wine Pairings for Korean Food
Which Wines Go Well With Korean Food?

Top 5 Korean Cookbooks
It's difficult to find good Korean cookbooks written in English. There are acclaimed cookbooks written in Korean, of course, but there is very little out there for the amateur Korean cook who doesn't read Korean. In the past, the few cookbooks and recipes circulating online were a start, but they were often difficult to follow with imprecise measurements and hard-to-navigate instructions. With th

Buying Korean Food Online
If you don't live close to a Korean grocery store or even an urban center with a good Asian grocery store, it can be hard to find the right spices and ingredients to cook traditional Korean food. At least, it used to be difficult before the World Wide Web. Here are the 3 best online Korean grocers for all your cooking needs.

Top 5 Timesaving Tips for Korean Cooking
These cooking preparation tips are short cuts for cooking Korean food. A list that works for both experienced cooks and beginners, these tips will help you save time in the kitchen. Although Korean meals looks labor intensive with all the side dishes, there are many things you can do to make your life easier.

Korean Restaurants in New York City
A List of Korean Restaurants in New York City

Korean Food in Spain (Restaurantes Coreanos en España)
Korean restaurants and food in Spain.

Korean Beef Recipes that Rock!
In the West, Korean cuisine is known mostly for its beef dishes like bulgogi or galbi. Although I always make the point that Korean food embraces almost every type of vegetable, seafood and meat (except for lamb) under the sun, I do think Korean food knows its way around any cut of meat. For a Korean cook, no piece of beef is too tough to...

Best Rice Cookers
Every Korean kitchen has a rice cooker and I think almost all kitchens would benefit from one. The better rice cookers cook any type of rice and you can even use them to steam vegetables or make soup. Consumersearch brings you the most comprehensive reviews of the best rice cookers on the market today.

The Best Korean Savory Soups
Soup is an integral part of Korean cuisine and can be served and eaten at every meal of the day. They can enjoyed as the main course, a side dish, a post-barbecue tummy soother, or even a snack. If I could choose my last meal on earth, it would definitely include a Korean soup or a stew.

Cucumber Recipes that Snap, Crackle, and Pop!
Koreans use vegetables in every conceivable way, and the cucumber shows up to the table as a refreshing cold soup, a kimchi, and in countless sides.

Spiced Up Sandwiches with Korean Flair
Sandwiches are perfectly compact, portable, and satisfying. Although they're not at all traditionally Korean, they've been adopted into cuisine

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