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Korean Food in Spain (Restaurantes Coreanos en España)


Korean Food in Spain (Restaurantes Coreanos en España)
Naomi Imatome

Although there are less than 1,000 Korean expats living in the Barcelona area, I was surprised to find some good Korean restaurants in the city on my last extended stay there. Since Korea is a peninsula and the cuisine is full of fish and all types of sea creatures, Korean restaurants in Barcelona benefit from the abundance of fresh local seafood.

You may not receive as many free side dishes as you do at Korean restaurants in America, but you can experience some tapas-style Korean food and enjoy the amazing deal of the “menu del dia”. This midday meal at Spanish eateries includes an appetizer, main course and dessert (and sometimes a drink) for one price. It's the most economical way to eat in Spain.

Although these restaurants were open at the time of publication, always check the times and current locations by calling or visiting restaurant websites.

Korean Restaurants in Barcelona
  • Han In
    Aribau 32, Barcelona, Spain
  • Kim
    Legalitat 22, Barcelona, Spain
  • Lee
    Carrer de Sant Gabriel 4, Barcelona (Gracia), Spain
  • Masitta
    Korean food stall at the Boqueria market off La Rambla. Located in the takeaway section of the market, Masitta continues the traditions of the Boqueria food stalls- everyday, they make fresh and seasonal dishes depending on the ingredients available to them. Masitta, like the other prepared food stalls, offers delicious and affordable meals and snacks for lunch or dinner.
  • Menjar Diferent (takeaway)
    Carrer de la Canuda, 39, Barcelona (Barri Gòtic), Spain
  • San Kil
    Legalitat, 22, Barcelona, (Gracia), Spain
  • Seoul
    Gaudi, 70, Barcelona, Spain
Asian Grocery Stores in Barcelona
  • Dong Fang
    Balmes 6, 08007, Barcelona (L'Eixample)
  • Hankuk
    Marquès de Sentmenat 91, 08029 Barcelona (Les Corts)
  • Superstore Asia Food Shop
    Tallers 77, 08001, Barcelona (Ciutat Vella)
Korean Restaurants in Madrid
  • Arirang
    10 Av de Nazaret, Madrid Spain, 28007
  • Dimibang
    Rodríguez San Pedro, 67 Madrid, Spain, 28015
  • Han Gang
    Atocha, 94, Madrid, Spain, 28012
  • Korea
    Calle Cristobal Bordiu, 59, Madrid, Spain, 28003
  • Mashita
    Calle de la Bola, 12, Madrid, Spain, 28013
  • Palillos del Cardenal
    Calle del Cardenal Cisneros, 49, Madrid, Spain, 28010
  • Seoul
    Ronda de Segovia, 25, Madrid, Spain, 28005
  • Shila
    Calle Panama, 4, Madrid, Spain, 28036
Asian Grocery Stores in Madrid
Dong Fang Extremo Oriente
Galeria Subterraneo, Parking Plaza de España

Glosario Culinario
  • Guk y Tang= sopa
  • Jjigae y Jeongol= guisos y cazuelas
  • Jim y Jorim (Chorim)= carne o pescados hervidos a fuego lento
  • Namul= platos de verduras
  • Gui= platos asados o asados a la parrilla
  • Bulgogi= carne de vaca adobada cortada muy fina
  • Galbi= costillas adobadas de carne de vaca
  • Dakgalbi= costillas de pollo
  • Jun (Jeon)= platos fritos en sartén
  • Haemul Pajun= tortilla de marisco
  • Mandoo= empanadilla frita coreana
  • Kimbab= rollito de arroz con verdura y carne
  • Chapchae= tallarines con verdura y carne
  • Bap= arroz hervido
  • Bibimbap= mezcla de arroz con surtido de vegetales
  • Samgaetang= sopa de pollo con ginseng
  • Kimchi=Se remoja la col china y los otros vegetales en agua salada, y se condimentan con diferentes especias antes de dejar fermentar.
  • Kimchi jjigae= guiso de kimchi

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