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Five Fabulous Korean Rice Dishes


Rice is central to Korean cuisine, and the word rice in Korean ("bap") can also be used to describe meals or food in general. We used to use rice as glue when we were young, women wash their face in rice water as a beauty regimen, and rice porridge ("juk") is food for infants and the sick. Rice takes the place of both bread AND butter in the Korean house, so it's almost impossible to exaggerate its importance on the Korean table. These fabulous rice dishes are five of my favorite Korean recipes.

1. Bibimbap

Naomi Imatome

One of the most well-known Korean rice dishes outside of Korea, Bibimbap combines colors, textures, and a snappy flavor to make a highly customizable mixed rice dish.

2. Kimbap

Naomi Imatome

Korean rolls are a portable rice meal that you can fill with any vegetable, meat, and seafood combination that you want.

3. Hwe Dub Bap

Naomi Imatome Yun

A mixed-rice dish with raw fish (hwe), vegetables, and spicy chili pepper sauce, hwe dup bap is beautiful, healthy, and easy to make.

4. Kongnamulbap

Korean Soybean Sprout Rice (Kongnamulbab)
Naomi Imatome

A simple rice dish with soybean sprouts, beef, and a soy dipping sauce, kongnamulbap is a one-bowl meal that cooks in the rice cooker or one pot.

5. Kimchi Bokumbap

Naomi Imatome

One of the best Korean comfort foods, kimchi bokumbap takes regular fried rice up a notch.

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