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Korean Sauces and Marinades

Using the correct proportion of spices, sauces, and marinades are an essential part of cooking traditional Korean food. Here are the recipes for the important ones- from the perfect marinade for barbecued beef (galbi) to the right proportions for spicy red pepper dipping sauce (samjang).

Korean Sauce for Braising Fish
Korean braised fish is easy, flavorful, and healthy. This sauce for Saengsun Chorim has a delicate balance of salty-sweetness to bring out the flavor of the fish.

Korean Rice Wrap Sauce (Ssamjang) Recipe
Ssam Jang is the special sauce that gives ssam bap that special 'pow', 'wow', or 'bam'. Ssam Bap translates to 'wrapped rice' and the wrap can be anything from lettuce leaves to thin rice paper wraps. But ssam bap is most commonly eaten as some sort of protein (beef, chicken, pork) wrapped with rice and ssam jang (wrap sauce) in red or green lettuce leaves.

Use Korean Marinades for American Meat Dishes
How to Use Korean Marinades in American Meals

Korean Cho Kochujang Recipe (Mixing Sauce)
This spicy-sweet chili pepper Korean dipping sauce is primarily used for mixed rice dishes (bibimbap and hwe dub bap), but can also be used as a vegetable dipping sauce or a spicy salad dressing.

Recipe for Spicy Korean Pork Marinade
This marinade is sweet, spicy, and good for making any type of Korean pork- grilled ribs, stir-fried pork, or broiled or barbecued pork.

Korean Salad Dressing Recipe
A Korean salad dressing with a hint of spice that is good on salads, cold seafood, and steamed or raw vegetables.

Recipe for Korean BBQ Shortribs (Galbi)
Korean marinade for grilled or broiled short ribs that gives the meat an amazing flavor and tenderness.

Ginger Dipping Sauce
Ginger dipping sauce for Korean dumplings, tempura, pan-fried fish, and scallion pancakes.

Spicy Dipping Sauce
Spicy dipping sauce for dumplings, tempura, and Korean savory pancakes.

Basic Dumpling Dipping Sauce
This is the most pared-down dipping sauce for Korean dumplings (mandoo). You can modify it however you like with the addition of chili powder for spiciness, sugar for sweetness and sesame oil and ginger for depth.

Korean Meat Marinade (Bulgogi sauce)
Korean marinade for grilled or broiled meat, pork, or chicken. Sweet and salty, this marinade will tenderize meat and give it lots of flavor.

Soy Honey Glaze
Korean soy honey glaze for broiled fish, grilled poultry, and sauteed vegetables. Wonderful on the Korean table but also good for adding a bit of Asian flavor to any meal.

Korean Spice Mixture for Grilled Meats
This recipe uses the best of Korean spices to give a smoky and deep flavor to meat. I use this to rub onto pork chops before grilling, but you can also use this spice mixture to use on chicken drumsticks or steaks. You don't need to marinate in advance even though you'll get more flavor if you do, and you can triple the recipe to keep the spice mixture in your fridge.

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