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Korean Vegetarian Recipes

Although many people associate grilled beef or spicy seafood with Korean cuisine, there are many vegetarian dishes to choose from. Almost every Korean noodle or rice dish can be made without meat and the flavor is not sacrificed. The same holds true for many Korean soups and stews, which rely on spices and pastes for their depth.

Fresh Salad with Garlic and Yogurt Dressing
This vegetable salad has a lot of peppery notes and crunch and is perfect topped with a smooth yogurt and garlic dressing.

Korean Salad with Apples, Nuts, and Frozen Grapes
This green salad has a Korean dressing that is tart and slightly spicy, and the apples, nuts, and frozen grapes give different flavors and textures to every bite.

Korean Quick Pickled Cucumber Recipe
This quick cucumber pickle recipe is ready in twenty minutes, and the sweet and salty flavor makes it the perfect side dish. Use small Korean cucumbers for the best crunch, and with just three more ingredients you'll have a really snappy cucumber salad.

Korean Fried Zucchini (Hobak Jun) Recipe
A delicious and healthy Korean side dish, Hobak Jun (or Jeon) is easy to prepare and goes well with almost every Korean meal. The zucchini is coated in a thin batter of flour and egg, sauteed on both sides, and served with soy sauce for dipping.

Bean Sprout Soup
Korean bean sprout soup is light, refreshing, and simple to make.

Seasoned Eggplant Side Dish (Gaji Namul) Recipe

Korean Rolled Egg Omelette (Gaeran Mari) Recipe
This Korean rolled egg omelette (Gaeran Mari) recipe is as easy as any American omelette, but looks beautiful on the table and an easy side dish for any meal. Healthy, delicious, and full of protein, Gaeran mari is a complete breakfast, a good snack, and an easy addition to a bento lunch or a Korean dinner.

Korean Braised Tofu Recipe
This tofu recipe is a healthy, sweet, spicy, salty, smooth and savory dish that is good for any meal.

Cucumber Kimchi (Oi Sobaegi) Recipe
It's hard to keep this stuffed cucumber kimchi (or kimchee) on the table or in the fridge, because it's so popular with Koreans of all ages. Full of snap, crackle, and layers of flavor, oi sobaegi can also be eaten the day you make it.

Five Korean Radish Side Dishes
A list of five fabulous Korean radish side dishes.

Bean Sprout Salad Recipe (Sookju Namul)
One of the most popular side dishes, Sookju Namul (Korean Mung Bean Sprout Salad) can complement almost any Korean meal. It is delicious, fresh, healthy and easy to make.

Korean Fried Zucchini (Hobak Jun) Recipe
A delicious and healthy Korean side dish, Hobak Jun (or Jeon) is easy to make but is also attractive for guests and fancier meals.

Easy Tofu Burgers
I love tofu (dooboo in Korean) as it's easy to cook and it's good protein for days when we're eating meatless. This tofu burger recipe is no fuss and delicious- even my kids love it and don't ever miss the meat. You can use regular breadcrumbs if you don't have Panko or can't find it.

Korean Scallion Pancake (Pa Jun)
This Korean scallion pancake recipe is easy to make and is always a big crowd-pleaser. It works as a hearty snack, an appetizer, or a side dish to a Korean or Asian meal. As with most Korean recipes and dishes, you can tweak it to your own tastes.

Scallion Salad (Pa Muchim) Recipe
This fresh Korean scallion side is often served alongside grilled meat and seafood dishes in Korean restaurants. You can add it to your lettuce wraps or just treat it as another side dish or salad.

Sauteed Broccoli Rabe Recipe
One of my favorite bitter greens, broccoli rabe (or rapini), is delicious and easy to prepare with just a few staple Korean ingredients.

Summery Cold Tofu Salad
This is an easy, delicious tofu salad recipe that you can make in less than 10 minutes. It uses a whole package of tofu, so it's a good healthy lunch for two.

Easy Steamed Tofu with Dipping Sauce
This steamed tofu can be made in the microwave or on the stovetop. Healthy, versatile, and good with any number of Asian dipping sauces, tubu tchim (steamed tofu) is a classic Korean dish that is good in any season.

Stir Fried Korean Noodles (Chapchae)
Chapchae is one of the most popular noodle dishes in Korea, and also seems to be the one that Westerners like best. The foundation of the dish is the mixture of the noodles, soy sauce, garlic, and sesame oil. Because mung bean or sweet potato noodles both absorb tons of flavor, you can mix and match the vegetables or meat to your liking.

Korean Cold Cucumber Soup (Oi Naengguk)
Crisp, refreshing, and icy cold, Korean cold cucumber soup is the perfect accompaniment to a meal during a hot summer day. Sometimes also called oi naengchae, this iced cucumber soup is best when made with crispy fresh cucumbers.

Korean Vegetable Dumplings (Yachae Mandoo)
These Korean vegetable dumplings are easy to make and can be prepared in large quantities in advance and stored in the freezer for future use. The mixture of tofu, eggs, glass noodles, and vegetables in these dumplings have a savory taste that even hardcore meat-eaters love. Versatile and delicious, yachae mandoo can be boiled, steamed, deep fried, pan-fried or added to soup.

White Kimchi Cold Noodle Soup (Dongchimi Gooksu)
This recipe for dongchimi noodles can take between 10 minutes and 3 days to prepare. If you buy the dongchimi ready-made or you already have it, then this recipe takes about 10 minutes. If you are starting from scratch, then it takes about 3 days for the dongchimi to reach the correct flavor. It's worth it though, as the end result is a tart, refreshing bowl of cold noodles.

Korean Seasoned Spinach (Sigumchi Namul)
This seasoned spinach salad is a light Korean side dish that can also be used in other Korean main dishes like chapchae (stir fried noodles), kimbap (rice and seaweed rolls), and bibimbap (rice with mixed vegetables).

Korean Sushi Rolls (Kimbap)
Although these do resemble Japanese sushi rolls, kimbap is not considered fine or fancy fare in Korea. It's actually picnic and snack food that you eat with your hands and is the perfect food for on-the-go or for a packed lunch. The fillings can be anything you choose, so the options are endless for vegetarians. Kimchi and fried tofu is a popular meatless roll in Korea.

Korean Mixed Vegetables and Rice (Bibimbap)
Bibimbap is delicious, gorgeous on the plate, and easily tweaked for different palates and spice levels. I've included seven vegetables in this recipe, but you can easily make it with just 3 or 4 or what you have in your fridge. Koreans usually eat this rice dish with some beef, but I usually top mine with just an egg fried sunny side-up.

Korean Seaweed Soup (Miyuk Gook)
Known as the birthday soup in Korea, seaweed soup is also given to post-partum mothers recovering from childbirth. Naturally low in calories and fat and high in calcium, iron, and protein, it is a light and healthy soup good for any meal of the day.

Garlic Chive Salad (Buchu Muchim) Recipe
This garlic chive salad (buchu muchim) is snappy, spicy, and fresh. It adds pep to any meal, and is an excellent side dish to grilled beef, steamed tofu, and dumpling soup.

Korean Radish Cube Kimchi (Kaktugi) Recipe
Kaktugi seasonings are almost identical to those in baechu kimchi (which is made from Napa cabbage), but the crunchiness of the radish gives it a snappy texture all its own. It's also good for children or a large family-style meal, since it's a little neater than cabbage kimchi. Kaktugi is easy to prepare and the hands-on time is not long, but...

Sauteed Cabbage with Black Bean Sauce
This simple, super delicious recipe for stir fried cabbage with black bean sauce is ready in 15 minutes. Throw in some protein for a full meal, or add some cubed tofu for a vegan meal.

Sweet Potato Tempura
Sweet potato tempura is one of my favorites, and when it's perfectly cooked, it's not oily or heavy. It doesn't seem anything like fast food, even though it is deep-fried.

Seaweed and Cucumber Salad Recipe
Crisp cucumbers and flavorful seaweed make for a healthy, refreshing side salad. This is called sunomono in Japanese and miyuk muchim in Korean.

Soba Noodle Salad with Green Beans and Miso dressing
This fresh soba noodle salad recipe features snappy green beans, soba, mixed greens of your choice, and a sweet and tangy miso dressing.

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